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  मिशन पाँच सौ करोड़ राम नाम लेखन अभियान से जुड़ने हेतु कृपया इस लिंक पर क्लिक कर अपना नाम पता दर्ज करावें. - आध्यात्मिक गुरु ब्रजनंदन

His Holiness Dr. BrajNandan Ji Maharaj 
Founder, Devashram Trust & Devashram Divyang University 


Spiritual Guru Poojya Swamy Dr. BrajNandan ji Maharaj is an Internationally Eminent Astrologer, World fame Sadhak and Occult Scientist. He creates confidence and brings light a life among people. He has chosen one on the path of harmony, love and enlightenment. His whole life is to completely supplicate himself in the service of Almighty and his millions devotees across the world. Right from the age of adolescence he was inclined to spirituality and humanity. Gradually the desire of immortal divine bliss enveloped him and a commitment to share him divine happiness among the masses made him plunge into the deep sea of celestial ecstasy. 

The blessings of “Divine Guru Maa” himself determination and the benediction of the Almighty made him transcendently stronger and richer. His profound soul during the transformation from an unknown name to “Swamy Braj Nandan ji Maharaj” explored the religious holy books like Vedas, Puranas, Upnishad, Sanhita’s, Ramayana, Jyotish, Vastu Shastra, Hast Vidya, Das MahaVidya, RajYog, Sadhna, Meditation, etc. He has honored by becoming the Founder President of Devashram Trust (An International Charity for Peace), Devashram Divyang University (dedicated to Dalits and Divyang), National Patrons for Bharat Gaurav Award Committee and many more. |

He has also been awarded and honored by most prestigious award “Man of the Year 2004” American Biographical Society, USA, World Peace Promoter, World Peace Ambassador, Dharm Bhushan, Vishwa Ekta Sammaan, Vishwa Vandhutva Samman, Vande Mataram Rashtriya Ekta Samman by Tapobhoomi GOA, Jyotish Martand, UP Ratna, Sarva Dharm Rakshak Samman, etc.

He is also a man of “Truth and Diligence” adhering the responsibilities of Advisor of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (CBFC), HAC, MOH, DPC for Govt. of India, etc.The holy city Varanasi (UP) is the main centre of all his spiritual activities focusing “LOVE ALL! SERVE ALL!!”.

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