Devashram Trust

(An International Charity for Global Peace) 

Advertisement & Sponsership

Your Generous Contribution will help us extend our Distination.
If you want to become a part of this program through Sponsership etc. Contact Chief Convener.


Sr.No Items Price (INR)
1 On Web Portal Home Page Box Per Month 1,50,000.00 Donate Now
2 On Web Portal Inside Page    50,000.00 Donate Now
3 Home Page Strip Scroll (1000 Words) 1,00,000.00 Donate Now


Sr.No Items Price (INR)
1 Mega Collection Events with National
International Participants
25,00,000.00 Donate Now
2 Main Gate  2,00,000.00 Donate Now
3 Stage Sponser  2,00,000.00 Donate Now
4 Light & Sound Sponser     50,000.00 Donate Now
5 Decoration     50,000.00 Donate Now
6 Food Stall*     50,000.00 Donate Now
7 Banner's (6'*4') Single Inside the Hall     20,000.00 Donate Now
8 Car Display     50,000.00 Donate Now
9 Corporate Stall     50,000.00 Donate Now
10 Internal Stall     15,000.00 Donate Now
11 T.V Channel Co-Sponsers  1,00,000.00 Donate Now
12 Print Media Co-Sponsers     50,000.00 Donate Now
13 Standees (5'x 2.5') Single     15,000.00 Donate Now
14 Lunch/Dinner (approx.250 persons)  5,00,000.00 Donate Now


*Preference location charges shall be 20% extra.

*Three to Five Standees and banners at prominant places includes to sponsers above 3 Lakhs.

*All display materials shall be provided to us duly printed form from the sponsers end.