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  मिशन पाँच सौ करोड़ राम नाम लेखन अभियान से जुड़ने हेतु कृपया इस लिंक पर क्लिक कर अपना नाम पता दर्ज करावें. - आध्यात्मिक गुरु ब्रजनंदन

Sudarshan Sareen
Ex. Minister Delhi Govt. & Ex. Chairman DSIDC, New Delhi.

I have strong faith on Indian astrology which helps in taking right decision at right time. I am great follower of Param Poojya BrajNandan ji Maharaj since October, 1999 and have strong faith on him. He is a world fame Sadhak and have profound knowledge in Veda, Upanisad, Puran's, Brahmasutra, Vedic Astrology, Vaastu Science, Brahma Vidya, etc. His blessings for any major problem by his Divine Power is really a great miracles. We are much grateful for the spiritual guidance and divine blessings of Poojya Guru ji for our happy and most prosperous family life.
"Poojya Guru ji ke charano me mera shat shat Naman."

Ishwar Chandra Khare
Ex. Registrar & Secretary Banaras Hindu University Varanasi (India)

Poojya BrajNandan Ji Maharaj's spiritual counseling since last 2 decades has been very precise to me and to my entire family members in tiding over any sort of health, wealth and agonies of life. My words fail to express my heartiest gratitude to him, who showed me ways to come out from the lot of worries. I must say undoubtfully, he is a personality of rich Vedic knowledge and collection of successful spiritual advices.

"I pray to almighty for his long life and serve to society."

Sharad Dadlani
Director, Finance (U.S.A)

I am feeling really lucky to come in the contact of Poojya BrajNandan ji Maharaj when my entire family was fearful due to continuing untimely death of my 1-2 family members every year. My life was also full of uncertainties due to past deaths in family, financial crunch and job problem. I requested telephonically to Guru ji just 5 years back (June 2009) through one of my friend and put my all incidents. After having some spiritual interaction with Guru ji, I could feel the drastic change in financially, mentally and spiritually and I was compelled to believe the Divine Power of Poojya Guru ji and his high level of Siddhis and Sadhana's. By blessings and grace of Guru Ji, my future life will be secured and peaceful. I along with all my family members are much grateful to Poojya Guru ji for ever. Hope people those, who are suffering, once should take blessings of Guru Ji to solve their problems and enjoy rest of their life.
"Poojya Guru ji ko kotishah Pranaam!!!"

Prof. B. B. Srivastava
Ex. Vice chancellor & Chairman UPMSCB, Allahabad (UP.)

My life is for Poojya Gurudev, he has been the light of happiness in days of darkness. He is above all for me and my family. He is my GOD, GUIDE and GURU.
“ॐ गुरुदेवाय विद्यम्हे पर् ब्रह्माय धीमहि तन्नो गुरु प्रचोदयात |”

Amarendra Saran
Ex. Additional Solicitor General of India & Sr. Advocate
Supreme Court of India. New Delhi

Poojya Guru BrajNandan ji Maharaj is an internationally renound accomplished 'Sadhak', devotee of "Maa Paramba", eminent in the field of BrahmaVidyaa, Vedic knowledge and philosphy, etc. His Divine blessings to any problem is really a great miracle. Now, a huge number of his followers from India and abroad are justifying his Divine Power, scholarship, devotional and spiritual qualities. I still heartily believe in Poojya Guru Ji and he will always be a GOD like person in my life. I hope people will get good help and guidance from his esteemed knowledge. May 'Maa Paramba' spread her blessing to people through him, the society needs such godly persons to guide them out of their miseries.

Umesh Chandra
Ex. Advocate General (U.P. Govt.) & Sr. Advocate, U.P.

I am extremely thankful to Poojya BrajNandan Ji Maharaj,(a well known personality in the field of spiritual world) for the miracle by his Divine blessings during my severe health problem and in days of financial crunch. My family always seeks guidance for Peace and progress and for any unsolvable problems.
“I pray to almighty for him to render his oceanally knowledge to society.”