(An International Charity for Global Peace) 

Our Mission

The Trust works diligently in the following areas:

  Our key focus is to promote Global Peace by delivering peace lectures, conducting peace campaigns and publish articles that promote peace and harmony in the world. The goal here is to fight against violence and terrorism in the world in a peaceful manner. We also educate people to broaden their outlook on life so they will refrain from getting into religion and caste based arguments/clashes.

  Run Value Education Centers to provide the vital missing piece in the modern education system – Values of Life. Apart from helping children with their school studies, the centers teach the children discipline, hygiene, meditation, yoga and moral values through stories. Also, the children are taught to accept and respect our differences in the community to build unity in diversity thereby paving the way to a peaceful future.

   Deliver Motivational Lectures for children, youth and adults to awaken them to much higher things in life so they don’t waste time in watching television, getting into petty fights and so on. We firmly believe that there is an immense amount of spiritual energy in each and every one of us and our goal is to awaken that inner strength to help them fulfill their true purpose of life.

  Work towards restoration and preservation of “Traditions and Culture” as defined in the ancient scriptures.

  Take quality education to children of the poor and needy, mainly in the rural areas.

  Teach hygiene practices such as keeping clean surroundings, proper collection and removal of trash, maintenance of toilets etc. and make our contribution for a clean environment.

  Provide some financial support for those in need of medical assistance, wheelchair/other-accessory assistance for the physically challenged, school fees, and/or exam fees, uniforms, learning aids for needy/deserving children etc.

  May there be peace in heaven, may there be peace in sky; may there be peace on the earth, may there be peace in waters; may there be peace in herbs, may there be peace in vegetations; may there be peace in all the Gods, may there be peace in entire Bramha (creation); may there peace everywhere; may there be peace and only peace; may that peace embrace me. OM !! Peace Peace Peace.

  May all attain peace, may all be healthy - may all enjoy good fortune, may none suffer misery and sorrow. OM !! Peace Peace Peace.

Cinque Terre

"Love All ! Serve All !! Serve Nation !!!"

Spiritual Guru BrajNandan
- Founder, Devashram Trust