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  मिशन पाँच सौ करोड़ राम नाम लेखन अभियान से जुड़ने हेतु कृपया इस लिंक पर क्लिक कर अपना नाम पता दर्ज करावें. - आध्यात्मिक गुरु ब्रजनंदन


(Village –Raipura , District-Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh)

It is said in the scriptures that, ''Jivitam safalam tasya, Yah pararthodyatah sada". It means that the life of that man is successful and meaningful,who always lives for others. It is also written in the Ramcharitmanas that, ''Parahit saris dharam nahin bhai, Par pira sam nahin adhamai'' means that benevolence for human service is the greatest religion. The precursor of world peace, highly respected, Brajnandan ji Maharaj has taken the responsibility of establishment for Devashram Divyang University in the wild tribal area village Raipura in Sonbhadra district near Kashi-the city of dharam and moksha. He is establishing Vishvavidyalaya for educational, intellectual,economic and social upliftment of physically handicapped, deprived, dalits, shelterless and helpless poor. 

Devashram Divyang University is planned to be situated in an area of 60 acres at the eastern part of this pollution free village. It is surrounded by beautiful forest hill with abundant natural beauty and spectacular ambience. There is an ancient historical fort of Kanda Kot.The fort is famous for its ancient temple located at an elevation of about 300 feet. Footprints of primitive human beings have been found there. The natural beauty of Vidyapith is enhanced by ripe wheat, barley and other crops, golden yellow mustard flowers, red dash of palash, and fragrant mahua flower around the site. |

Devashram Divyang University is fully dedicated to human welfare and the service of mankind. The entrance of vidyapith represents a work of art based on tribal culture. It evokes the feeling of 'nar sewa- narayan sewa' in the mind. 

There is an estimated expenditure of Rs. 500 crores in the construction of University. Vidyapith is meant for imparting primary education to higher education with the facilities of large airy high-tech study rooms, ultra modern library and meditation hall for peace, music room ,well furnished auditorium for twenty five hundred students, reception counter, computerized office, women hostel and old age home with modern facilities for the sense of 'sewa parmodharam' to the helpless and shelterless old people, refreshment and dining room, an ultramodern dairy for the preservation and promotion of more than 500 cattle, residential staff room, large sport ground, 50 guest rooms for guardians, boys hostel, green garden of religious plants & Grah- Nakshtra , Nakshatra garden, Yagyashala, Vedshala, grand temple for dharam karam sanskar, "Devasharam Ayush Chikitsalya and Anushandhan Kendra" for the research and first aid, bank ATM, shopping plaza etc. 

Devashram Divyang University is governed by Devashram Trust (a spiritual initiative to vishwashanti) founded in 1998 for the human upliftment and services. All the donations being made to the trust are exempted from the income tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. 
All the benevolent people are requested to donate or get a building constructed in the name of their parents or beloved ones or to provide building materials to the under construction Vidyapith, founded by highly respected Brajnandan ji Maharaj for the service and upliftment of poor, shelterless and disabled children. 

Expenditure At A Glance

Building Constructions etc.
Recurring per Annum x5 yrs
Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures etc.
4,50,00,000 Cost of Land


INR 4,98,07,30,000 SAY INR 500 CR
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